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Loving Pictures starts at one of the lowest points in the history of cinema: the closing of movie theaters across the world and the acceleration of streaming subscriptions fueled by the pandemic. Structured in three acts and presented as a mix of detective/journalist approach, Gaston D'Agrivieri, the director of the film interviews different people that makeup the "Resistance". An analog community made up of people that enjoys, supports, watches and creates 35mm film prints. Using these interviews to present one side of the story, the documentary will also show the point of view from the other side of the spectrum: the digital streaming world. We will have a few interviews with executives from streaming platforms and filmmakers to get their take on the future of 35mm film prints. We'll talk about the new frontier types of digital media consumption for the younger generation such as tablets, mobile devices and VR headsets. As we dive deeper into what makes 35mm film prints and the community built around it so special, the documentary concludes by showing the reopening or rebirth of some of Los Angeles most beloved cinemas such as: The Vista, The Egyptian Theater and The Cinerama Dome.

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